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Who We Are

Highmark Holdings, LLC is a Nashville, Tennessee based developer and sponsor of multifamily affordable housing, specializing in developments which qualify for Low Income Housing Tax Credits and tax-exempt bond financing. Highmark Holdings, LLC was co-founded in 2006 by Joseph H. Torrence and Robert S. King. Since 2007, Highmark Holdings, LLC sponsored entities have purchased 12 apartment communities and 1,936 units. Ten acquisitions were financed with tax-exempt bonds and 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits. As sponsor of the Developer entities, Highmark Holdings, LLC has overseen or is currently overseeing renovations to these communities in excess of $30 million. The most recent project for Highmark Holdings, completed in 2019, was our first new construction deal financed with 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits. In 2013 Mr. King partnered with Glynda Shamwell to form Enfield Management Company, LLC to manage the multifamily assets developed by Highmark Holdings, LLC, in addition to pursuing other multifamily management opportunities.







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About the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

The low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) is widely hailed as the most successful housing program in the United States. Attributed with creating or preserving more than 2.7 million affordable rental housing units, the LIHTC is a model of how public-private partnerships can provide benefits for a neighborhood’s economy and its residents. For the economy, the LIHTC creates nearly 96,000 jobs a year and estimates suggest almost $100 billion in private investment has been leveraged by the program, while generating $3.5 billion in federal, state and local taxes and $9.1 billion in economic income. For low- and moderate-income households, the LIHTC can provide a place to call home, which is sorely needed in light of the more than 11 million households that pay more than half their income in rent.

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Missions & Core Values

Mission Statement

Highmark Holdings & Enfield Management are committed to providing and maintaining safe, high quality, affordable housing and giving our residents the rools necesssary to help improve the quality of their lives.

Core Values

  • TEAMWORK: We are one team working together to achieve our goals.
  • INTEGRITY: We commit to the highest ethical standards in all that we do.
  • COMMUNICATION: We share information, thoughts and feelings verbally and non-verbally in a respectful way that everyone can understand.
  • COMPASSION: We have empathy for the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.
  • DEDICATION: We are wholly committed to our ideals and goals.
  • DIVERSITY: We embrace each team member's individuality and take pride in all contributions to building the sucess of our company.